I share here some of the books and websites that I have found – and still find – extremely relevant for my consulting and finance work. I’m not part of any affiliate program or anything. Most resources are in English but there are also a few books in French.

On accounting

This is Steven Bragg’s website. I strongly recommend his books in general. Very pragmatic and exhaustive, always full of clear examples when you need to refresh your knowledge on a certain topic. He wrote books about basically any finance topic: From general topics such as the role of a CFO or a controller, to industry specific accounting guidebooks, fraud examination, fast close, cost reduction. Books can be purchased in hardcover or pdf.

On consulting and being a freeagent Excellent newsletter by Venkatesh Rao on being a freelancer, some articles are free but I strongly recommend to sign up for the paid newsletter. Lots of great insights about the work and life of a consultant.

On financial modeling and MS Excel

In this book, Conrad Carlberg succeeds at writing both a very solid book about business analysis and a great resource for advanced MS Excel functionalities applied to finance and accounting. Some of the formulas may not be as relevant today, as Excel has evolved since, but the book is still very relevant for finance and accounting professionals.

This one has a steep price but will be quickly amortized. Covers corporate finance and Valuation, Portfolio models etc. with a section on VBA and advanced Excel techniques. Great reference.

On coaching and systems dynamics

On data visualization

Stephen Few is one of the top references when it comes to data visualization. Highly recommended. More at